We are in need of a little more light to lessen the darkness of our hearts. Are we willing to measure the depth of the conflict could not be resolved, without depriving an infant of his life, as it happened at Committee Chowk in Rawalpindi? How can we let ourselves to forget that he was a flower of the garden? Why was he not allowed to bloom? He was a smile on the face of nature which was crushed cruelly to find no one knows what. It is the right time to think about those who will be blamed when innocent people will be punished like this for nothing. Now is the right time to be aware of our personal call.  

Allah almighty has created human beings not to deceive or destroy each other but to understand the meaning of natural rule. But we are continually rejecting the call of nature by creating unfavourable circumstances for each other without regarding that we all belong to a same garden, we all are the travellers of the same destination. Certainly we don’t know when we will be able to prove that we are the members of a Muslim nation. We are not sure about that time when any flower either in Rawalpindi or at any other place, in any other corner of our state will not have to sacrifice his life to make any matter more significant. We should never forget that little kid, he has become a part of history, and history repeats itself. 


Lahore, October 29.