The conflict in Syria is about a Shia minority, the Alawites, supported by so-called IRI (neither Islamic, nor a Republic) and Hizbollah, committing genocide against Sunni Muslims who constituted over 80% of the pre-war population. Basher Al-Assad refuses to leave office which is the key demand of the Syrian opposition. His army massacred unarmed civilians who marched for democracy and human rights in Syria, when the winds of the Arab Spring blew over Syria in 2011. Shiites constitute a mere 11-13% of the population of Syria based on pre-war figures.

Saudi Arabia and its gulf allies should declare war on Syria and drop bombs on Basher Al-Assad. That will bring what remains of the Alawite dictatorship to its senses and to the negotiating table. I forsee a Federal, democratic and secular Syria for the sake of sectarian peace, a liberal democracy with equality of citizenship, human rights, political and religious freedoms for all, including the freedoms of speech, press and the right to practice one’s own religion.

Basher Al-Assad is guilty of crimes against humanity, war crimes, genocide and a litany of human rights abuses in his prisons including severe torture of political prisoners. He has also indiscriminately targeted civilians with barrel bombs filled with high explosives and chlorine gas in densely populated urban environments. He is running a totalitarian State, just like Iran his financial, military, political and diplomatic backer along with Russia.


USA, September 29.