Being independent is a condition of choosing things according to willingness. Every individual wants to live the word “independence”.

The first thing is the independence of a country for which our leaders have given innumerable sacrifices. The second thing is the freedom of an individual. Today as a country we are independent, but as individuals we are slaves. We are slave of our thoughts, emotions, habit and lies.

Moreover, we are slaves of the systems of our country. Whether it is the system of education, traffic, rights or something else, there are numerous problems going around us which are required to be filled by our government. We are deprived from our fundamental rights, but still we fear to talk on that issues.

There are some roads in Karachi which are broken for 5 or 6 years, yet no individual asks government a single question on the existence of that issue.

Thereupon, we are said to be dependent and slave. We have the cheapest education system in our country. There are neither good teachers nor the basic facilities available in government schools. Children only go there to see the boundary of the schools and face of teachers. Thereby, no politician educates his/ her children in this country because they are well-known to the fact that no facility has been provided by them.

My message to the public is that this system is made for us, we are not made for this system. So everyone must raise voice on the non-availability of things in our system. The questions like what, how and why should always be asked by masses to the government and legislators rather than being happy in condition of being dependent.


Karachi, October 19.