The disqualification of two senators Haroon and Sadia by Supreme Court was long overdue, but it felt short of taking to task ECP for their failure to scrutinize such individuals, who have on oath revoked their loyalty to Pakistan. This country and its over 200 Million citizens have suffered enough at hands of few, whose insatiable greed has driven Pakistan on verge of default and bankruptcy.

The onus lies not on those with split loyalties, who having shifted their assets and families to foreign countries, exhibited that they have given up any hope for its survival but on our ruling political elite and paid civil cum uniformed bureaucracy and shortcomings of our judiciary for failing to forcefully implement SC interpretation of constitution. For a nation going around globe, seeking bailout from foreign countries and institutions to prevent default on repayment of loans, it is shocking that over $15.6 billion were transferred from Pakistan through normal banking channels whilst regulators stood by as silent spectators. What else can be expected when financial regulatory agencies in Pakistan and its top civil bureaucracy and heads of major state owned enterprises hold foreign nationalities, or some other immigration status entitling them to immigration? It is common sense that such individuals will transfer their liquid assets during service to support their families abroad.

Almost every political party, hostage to fundraisers, has contributed to this systematic betrayal. We perhaps, apart from few failed states in Asia and Africa, allow our ambassadors to hold foreign nationalities and then expect them to work with total commitment when they have on oath pledged to “perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the USA when required by the law”. The tragedy is that our security services have also fallen prey to few vultures.


Lahore, October 18.