Rawalpindi-Shehzad Town police on Monday have set free the 12-year-old son of a poor resident of Korang, who was held after a clash between the armed guards of a federal minister and a local resident over cattle-grazing issue.

The clash has also led to removal of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Jan Muhammad by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, a step the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) always opposed while in the opposition. However, a court of law had sent four family members of a boy to Adiala Jail on judicial remand after Police Station (PS) Shehzad Town had produced them before the court following the First Information Report (FIR) lodged against them under sections 382/147 and 149 of Pakistan Penal Court (PPC).

According to details, Islamabad police have released Zia Uddin, who was earlier picked up from his house located at Islamabad Orchard Farm House, in Korang during a raid by police.

The boy interacted with media after being released from police custody and narrated the humiliation he and his family had faced at the hands of son of Federal Minster for Science and Technology Azam Swati, Usman Ali Khan Swati and his armed guards.  Zia Uddin, who lives with his family in Islamabad Orchard Farm House at Koral, said that his father is employed at a grocery store in Aabpara while his mother has a cow and a calf whose milk she sells in the area to earn money for the family. He recounted that he was grazing the cow in the area when he had to leave for mosque to offer Juma prayer.

Upon return, he found his cow missing from the mosque and conducted a search.

“A few children told me the cow was caught and roped by the guards of Azam Khan Swati, the federal minister, in his farm house number 71,” he said. He said he contacted some guards of Swati and requested to release his cow. However, the guards refused to do so advising him to go to Usman Khan, the minister’s son.

Zia Uddin added he himself released the cow and came back to home when the armed guard of Azam Swati launched an attack on his house. The guards beat him and his family including mother and sisters with sticks and weapons. He added that some of the guards also resorted aerial firing to terrorise them. “My family defended themselves against the armed attackers using axe and sticks,” the boy said.

He said his older brother Ayaz Khan moved forward and snatched the magazines of weapons carried by the armed guards of federal minister. “Later, Swati’s son went to police station and lodged a complaint against us. Police raided our house and arrested me, my mother and three other family members,” he said. 

 On the other hand, official sources disclosed to The Nation that IG Islamabad Jan Muhammad was about to leave the country to participate in a course in Malaysia when he was informed about his removal from office by the government.

“IG Islamabad Jan Muhammad reached New Islamabad International Airport on Saturday night (October 27) to catch a flight for Malaysia to participate in a course when his staff informed him that PM had removed him from office on complaint of Azam Khan Swati,” sources said. They said the IG still flew to Malaysia and would be returning to Pakistan on November 3, 2018. However, the IG had taken two leaves and would attend his office on November 5, 2018.