PR LAHORE - Newly elected federal government had been making efforts to raise productivity of electricity distribution companies by prevention of theft of electricity and recovery of its revenue and providing better services to 25 million electricity consumers and enlarging the electricity transmission lines & grids system. The government has allowed to get filled up essential posts for electricity distribution companies i.e. lines, grids, meter reading staff etc. @ 75% vacant posts. These posts would be filled up only merit basis in order to cope with raising quantum of work and also due to retirement of senior personal day to day.

These views were expressed by Irfan Ali, Federal Secretary (Power Division), Ministry of Energy, in a bilateral meeting held at Lahore with the delegation of All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union (CBA). Zargham Ishaq Khan, Joint Secretary (Power Division), Mujahid Parvez Chatta, CEO LESCO, and other officials were also present.

The delegation was led by Khurshid Ahmad, general Secretary of the union, along with Haji Muhammad Younis Kamboh, sr. vice president & Osama Tariq, addl. general secretary and other representatives of the union.

On the representation of the union, the Federal Secretary (Power Division) assured the workers that the government has no plan to privatize the electricity distribution companies. He also assured the workers that they would spare no effort to ensure the safety of the line & grid staff at workplace and prevention of their accidents by improving and enlarging the standard training facilities for them as well as provision of standard safety equipment including bucket fitted vehicles to them. On the representation of the union, he also assured the workers that the government had been sympathetically considering to bring the contract employees performing the satisfactorily work on regular basis. He urged the workers to spare no effort to prevent theft of electricity and recovery of its revenue and provide better services to the electricity consumers while the government would redress the legitimate grievances of the workers sympathetically. The representatives of the union assured the management that the workers would continue carry out their national task diligently to raise its productivity and provide better services to electricity consumers as their national duty.