The introduction of the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal is a brilliant addition to the national governance system. It is a way to bridge the gap between the people and the representatives they elect, and make people feel like they are a part of the system, get to have their say in matters, and report wherever they witness an anomaly. The fact that this portal is not just limited to citizens of this country but also to Pakistanis living abroad makes it very inclusive and it is a great way to make those abroad feel that their input is considered valuable.

This will reinforce in people a sense of ownership of the government because they will be pointing out ministries and departments which are not facilitating them and doing their jobs properly. Having several departments and ministries on board, this is by far the greatest attempt to make the system more transparent and accountable. This is also a very genius way of gaining the trust of the population back which has felt alienated by the system.

Another aspect which has been thoroughly worked out for this portal is its availability online in the form of a mobile phone app. The government is definitely trying its best to match the pace of the digitalisation of the society and a great way of bridging gaps between rulers and the population is through technology. The elaborate plan also includes not leaving out those who may not have access to the internet and cannot afford cell phones with downloadable applications. For them, a toll-free number has been introduced so that they can also register their complaints. At the same time, an email address has also been set up in case a person is more comfortable getting in touch via email. This shows how thoroughly this initiative was planned.

The government also had efficiency in mind while planning this portal which is why they have clearly set out a timeline for the correspondents to get back to the people with the answers to their queries. This means that such a complaint cell is being devised which will actually allow the government to get feedback and pace up the process of human development in the current tenure - which was one of the first promises made by the new Prime Minister (PM). If this plan materialises according to the framework set out by the government, this will remind officials that they are public servants and also create an environment of meritocracy.