It is fact that in Pakistan children are not save because their is no any good system of police and now a days many cases are being. However in Islamabad many cases occurred and like this, we are known about Zainab case that how it was done in Pakistan because of this most of parents in Pakistan feel fear to sand their children at schools or collages since they think that there lack guaranty our children would again be backed in this country. If a country needs to be developed then they have to save their children because children become the future of the states. The new Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he will bring changes in the Pakistan, for bringing changes, citizens should remain then it will be, child abduction has been killing. The first work of PM has to save the children of Pakistan then make the country talk of town. At last, I want to request the new Prime Minister Imran Khan to make good laws for children safety.


Turbat, October 18.