Urdu is national language of our country Pakistan, but it is not being considered as national language of Pakistan. In other countries, they held each examinations in their national languages, unfortunately Pakistan failed to use national language in some competitive exams, like PSC and CCS. They are the toughest exams of Pakistan, leave them, now a days in each home, a child seeks English and other languages first, and after reading in school they will learn Urdu. Besides this, people are making the mixture of language Urdu to Urdish. In everywhere a person always tries to speak in English, because of not getting basic rules of speaking Urdu. In a report, Urdu is known as the toughest language of the world and can’t seek it easily, for seeking it experts teachers needed, who can teach the Urdu language clearly. So, government needs to save our national language, which is going to be destroyed by the careless Pakistanis.


Gidroshia, October 19.