Multan - Declaring war on Imran-led PTI regime, JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said yesterday that days of the government had been numbered.

“We declare war against thieves of public’s mandate. We don’t accept this robbery on public mandate and we’ll fight against it,” he said while addressing the participants of Azadi March before leaving for Lahore on Tuesday afternoon. Earlier, the participants of the march reached Multan from Sukkur in wee hours of Tuesday.

Maulana added that the march reflected aspirations of entire nation as all political parties were present on the stage with him. He claimed that incompetent and incapable rulers ruined national economy and entire nation had a consensus that this government was fake. “They don’t possess public’s mandate. Masses don’t recognise this fake government,” he claimed.

Fazl lashed out at Prime Minister Imran Khan saying the ‘selected’ rulers promised to give employment to 10 million youth and instead deprived 2.5 million of their jobs. He maintained that another cruel decision to shut down 400 departments had also been made by the government. “Are they talking about giving jobs or snatching employment?” he questioned.

Fazl says ‘mandate-less’ government’s days are numbered

He said he and all others had accepted the constitution as a national charter and they were fighting for protection of the country and their constitutional rights. He pointed out that all opposition political parties supported his march and they were present on stage with him. Fazl claimed that rulers were frightened of even his pictures. “Why the government is afraid of peaceful people?” he raised a question.

Fazl recalled that Prime Minister Imran Khan had claimed that If Modi would win he would resolve Kashmir issue. “He won and he has resolved the issue too. They are shedding crocodile’s tears after selling out Kashmir,” he accused the rulers. The JUI-F chief said that there would have been an impact if prime minister’s speech at UN was that good. “But there was no impact. The very next day there was voting on Kashmir at the UN and no one voted us,” he cited an example. He thanked all participants of the march and leaders of political parties to join him in this struggle to save Pakistan.

PML-N leader Javed Hashmi, MNA Javed Latif and other leaders of political parties also spoke on this occasion. The march left for Lahore and a big caravan from Balochistan led by JUI’s provincial Ameer Maulana Abdul Waasay joined it from Multan.

Earlier, the march was given warm welcome by the workers and leaders of PML-N, PPP and other opposition parties upon his arrival. The PML-N had set up a welcome camp and showered rose petals on the participants. They also distributed local delicacy Sohan Halwa and mineral water bottles among the participants of the march. Senior leaders Makhdoom Javed Hashmi, Senator Rana Mahmood ul Hassan, Sheikh Tariq Rasheed, Abdul Ghaffar Dogar and others were present on this occasion.

Our correspondent from Khanewal adds: Meanwhile, JUI-F’s Azadi March reached Khanewal on Tuesday. The marchers riding on thousands of buses, trucks, AC coaches, cars, jeeps and other vehicles set off for Lahore from Khanewal this evening. Thousands of party workers holding flags passed through Lahore Morr Khanewal for GT Road. The marchers will pass through Mian Channu, Chichawatni,Sahiwal, Okara on their way to Lahore . Marchers were chanting slogans. They were accompanied by PPP leaders. The participants will reach Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore today (Wednesday). The party chief is leading the protest. He is travelling to Lahore in a Land Cruiser V8.On Lahore Morr Khanewal, PML-N MNA Muhammad Khan Daha, ex-MPA-PML-N Ch Fazlur Rehman along with local leadership of PML-N and JUI-F, PPP and religious parties. Party workers of PML-N, JUI-F and PPP were holding flags. They welcomed the marchers saw them off for Lahore. Reliable sources said Fazlur Rehman was likely to make a stop at Sahiwal.