Periodically when the federal cabinet meets , it is reported in the media that at the very outset Prime Minister Imran Khan reviews performance of the federal ministers and questions about what they are doing by and large in their respective assigned portfolios.

But nothing more than this is reported in the media about the federal ministers who are doing good work and those who are snubbed by the prime minister for not delivering and showing positive results.

Every other day questions are being raised in the newspapers about the Education Ministry and the minister is criticized for not doing any good work to promote education sector in line with the modern times requirements and needs.

The Minister of Education hails from Lahore and is also the minister of National History and Literary Heritage Division under whose purview falls the National Art Gallery/ Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) which is responsible for promotion of culture, art, music, film and theatre in the country.

He has reportedly not visited the National Art Gallery /PNCA so far to acquaint himself with their working which is a sad reflection of his lack of interest in art and culture. There are, however, reports of his being interested in inducting his 77 years old lady cousin at the helm of affairs of the PNCA.

The minister’s performance on the whole leaves much to be desired though his working is not reportedly questioned in the federal cabinet meetings as if he is the blue eyed boy of the prime minister. Ministers are not supposed to be masters of their portfolios but they should at least be knowing ABC about education, art and culture or the assigned portfolios.