ISLAMABAD-Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) has failed to comply with its announcement of increasing allowances of the doctors working in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Federal Government Services (FGS) Polyclinic hospital, officials said on Tuesday.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on NHS Dr Zafar Mirza during his visit to PIMS in August had announced the increased amount of allowances for the doctors working in the federal capital hospitals.

However, despite having passed two months, the ministry has failed to adhere to its own announcement which led to a spark in Young Doctors Association (YDA).

The YDA members staged a protest demonstration outside the executive director’s office and demanded of the administration and ministry to fulfil its promise.

SAPM on health had made this announcement in August when the protest erupted against converting the PIMS into Medical Teaching Institute (MTI).

The ministry had proposed increasing the Special Health Allowance and Non-Practicing Allowances for the doctors of PIMS and Polyclinic hospital.

Both the new allowances were added for the federal hospital doctors along with previous financial benefits.

The documents said that additional allowances shall increase the salaries of grade 17 to 21 doctors from Rs40,000 to 50,000.

As per documents, doctors serving in Basic Pay Scale (BPS) 17 the special health allowance was announced 75per cent increase of initial Basic Pay of 2018 and the allowance shall be paid based on KPIs to be developed by the federal government.

The similar increase was announced for the doctors serving on BPS-18. Meanwhile for the doctors serving on BPS-19, 20 and 21, 50 per cent raise has been given of initial basic pay 2018.

Regarding non-practicing allowance, Dr. Zafar Mirza had announced an increase of 75 per cent on initial basic pay scale for doctors serving in BPS 17 and 18 basic pay of 2018, while 50 per cent increase for doctors in BPS 19, 20 and 21.

A doctor named Muhammad Shoaib said that two months have been passed, but the ministry has not implemented its own decision which has spread uncertainty in community.

He added that doctors at federal capital are already getting low salaries than provinces and alleged that the ministry has made a false promise with doctors.

Meanwhile, the hospital administration served an explanation letter to above two dozen young doctors on observing two-hour token strike at hospital.

The explanation letter issued to the doctors said “It has been reported that medical officer posted in relevant department remained absent from duty without any information/prior information. This act on your part is indiscipline and has seriously been viewed by the authority as the irresponsible attitude is causing a lot of inconveniences for patients. You are therefore directed to explain the reason of indiscipline within three days as to why strict disciplinary action may not be taken against you. If your reply is not received within three days, it will be deemed that you have nothing to say in your defence and strict disciplinary action will be taken against under E&D rules 1973.”

Spokesperson PIMS Dr. Waseem Khawaja said that the explanation of the doctors have been called as patients were suffering daily because of token strike.

He said that matter of increasing the allowances may take procedural time, but hospital cannot afford suffering of patients.

All PIMS Restoration Movement (APRM) in its statement said that we strongly condemn the explanation letter issued by executive director PIMS to the young doctors and consultants who are protesting for their genuine demands. It demanded an immediate withdrawal of these explanations

AEPRM will fully endorse the decision of YDA to withdraw OPD and elective OT services till withdrawal of explanations, it said.