Sindh has been known around the globe because of its unique hospitality and culture and it has also been called in the various history books “The land of Peace”. Sindh has always welcomed to everyone who had stepped in, the generosity of people with guests are remarkable.

Sindh could be considered among most peaceful land with multi religious faiths, the resident respect each other’s religious and cultural values. But now a days different concerns has been reported in which religious conversion and blasphemy is on top.

Yesterday a student of a private school named Sindh Public School Ghotki, posted a post onto Facebook and he alleged blasphemy on the principal of the school next day few extremists attacked on school and completely ruined its building and furniture later on they attacked on fane of Hindhu community. These sort of actions will abandon peace of country. Neither Islam nor our constitution allow anyone to punish suspected person, its responsibility of the state to decide.

Authorities should strictly execute law and persons who are involved in dissemination of beastliness should be punished through proper investigation to save peace and harmony of the country, otherwise this catalyst can be spread around the country.