If we look at the facets of students’ political history we would come to know how they have been fighting with dictators ,authoritarians and fascists in history of Pakistan. Their courage never faltered. They launched long diatribes on dictators. They are asset of the future. Students’ unions were banned from their activities in 1977 in the period of dictator Zia ul Haq.

Their self-esteem goes into pieces.They are compelled to pay higher fee in Universities. Universities have been unable to produce scholars but extremists due to lack of political awareness in Universities. Students cannot give free reign to their imagination. No one can gainsay these claims.

This matter is of the paramount importance because this democratic government has not made sure to restore the unions but it censured. Students have always tried to establish the egalitarian society. They are harassed, threatened and blackmailed during their times in universities. Teachers in universities bless higher marks to those students who are from influential families, they don’t distribute marks equally. Poor students cannot meet their demands and unable to pay such wants so they are given mediocre marks. There is nepotism and killing of meritocracy in institutions.

This is undeniable fact that in every field they are facing set backs ,they are misbehaved and harassed from teachers to administration. This is not less than a fiasco. We have several cases front of our eyes, and observed that teachers were exposed who blackmailed girls and even Deans or chairmans of departments who were also exposed as blackmailers.

Suppressions on students cannot go longer. Teachers have their unions too, whenever they want, they are allowed to agitate and protest and boycott classes. But if we students protest against fee hike or lack of clean water or maladministration of university and their incompetence. Then we are accused of criminals and troublemakers for universities. As in Sindh University ,students were compelled to drink polluted water in hostels.

They agitated but their voice was being suppressed and legal demands were not accepted. Now this is responsibility of students to get their unions restored and continue their endless struggle for their rights in order to establish the egalitarian society. This is left up to students to use their discretions.. Our prime minister in past evinced greater attentions towards education and students’ rights but he has been failed to reform the education policies. He has not shown such concerns for students.

There was a flickering of hope in his Democratic government that they will foster students. Restoration of unions is one of the most serious challenge for students to face these days. we are asked fusillade of questions but we are aggressively determined to make efforts with gusto.. Political parties have their federations and wings for students but its leaders have nothing to do with students. We have to challenge existing authorities against inequity and unfair system. Students should not expect good from this undemocratic and authoritarian government .