KARACHI        -          Barrister Murtaza Wahab, spokesperson for the Sindh government and adviser to the chief minister on law, environment and coastal development, has said that protest by traders all over the country shows poor policies of the federal government.

He said this while addressing a press conference at Media Corner in Sindh Assembly here on Tuesday. He said there was no chance the economy will improve, according to a State Bank of Pakistan report. He said that traders and investors around the world were given facilities to boost business so that the country could grow economically, but PTI was treating traders likely enemies. “The PPP always believed in provision of basic rights like health and education to people,” he said. He said that business and financial environment was being spoiled and the government wanted a shutters-down strike in the country.

Replying to journalists’ questions, he said that statements of federal ministers showed that economy of Pakistan was fully in control of the IMF and legitimate demands of traders were not being recognised.

“The prime minister should himself tell who got an NRO? The fact is that Imran Khan got NRO from dictators in the past. His sister is also enjoying an NRO, but the PPP would not ask for an NRO,” he said.

“In the present scenario, when a cyclone is going to hit parts of Sindh, the federal government did nothing. The Sindh government is doing well in cooperation with rescuers in the flooded areas,” he said.