ISLAMABAD  -   The dystopian drama, which was based on Aldous Huxley’s book of the same name, will not return for a second instalment, and is reportedly being shopped to other networks. Brave New World depicted a future made up of genetically modified and brainwashed citizens, where casual relation is encouraged and privacy has been eliminated.In a statement Peacock said: ‘There will not be Season two of Brave New World on Peacock. David Wiener created a thought-provoking and cinematic adaptation. We’re grateful to the cast and crew who brought this world to life. We look forward to telling more stories with David in the future.’ 

Brave New World remained Peacock’s only original scripted series, having been created as a streaming service for the programmes of US network NBC. The series depicted a dystopian future when citizens are free to enjoy, but are banned from any form of monogamy or family.