ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Informa­tion and Broadcasting Sena­tor Shibli Faraz said that Pa­kistan’s role to free Indian detained pilot Abinandhan statement of former Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq regarding release of Indian Pilot Abhinandan.

Senator Shibli Faraz said that Ayaz Sadiq needs to apologise on floor of the parliament for his irresponsible statement to appease India. He said Ayaz Sadiq’s controversial statement was much celebrated in the Indian media.

Referring to downing of Indian fighter jet and capturing of its pilot in February last year, Syed Shibli Faraz said it was a great day in Pakistan’s history, when India’s so-called military might was badly exposed at the hands of Pakistani heroes.

 He said Prime Minister Imran Khan had decided to release the captured Indian pilot as a response from a responsible state, because neither Pakistan nor India can afford war. He said that the decision to release Abhinandan got worldwide acclaim. He, regretfully, said that the opposition is making national pride controversial and trying to portray country’s victory as defeat.

The Minister said they are criticizing state institutions to protect their personal interests and to win some concessions for their corrupt leadership. He said oppositions’ prime objective is to create chaos and sabotage economic stability in the country, but they should keep it in mind that the people of Pakistan will never let this happen. 

He said gone are the days when protection of personal interests was the main objective of Pakistan’s politics. He said now Pakistan’s politics will remained focused on protecting national interests of the country. The minister said that Opposition making struggle to secure their personal pursuit.

Opposition wants to sabotage economic achievement of the Government, said Shibli Faraz. He added that Prime Minister Imran khan categorically stated that these elements will not succeed in their agenda as they simply want to fan chaos in the country.

Commenting on statement of Ayaz Sadiq, Shibli Faraz said that opposition had decided to support narrative of the enemies of Pakistan. He said that everyone knows that India has been involved in patronising terrorism in Balochistan.

A court offender making verbal bombardment on state institutions, said Shibli Faraz. He added that slogan of Balochistan independence was raised in Quetta in PDM procession and these are the very elements who desecrate Quaid e Azam mausoleum.