To the displeasure of the government, the joint statement issued by the US and India after their 2+2 ministerial dialogue singled out Pakistan stating that it should refrain from providing a home base for the perpetuation of terrorist attacks and hold all perpetrators responsible. Considering that the current source of unrest within the disputed region of Kashmir is India, this misinformed reference asserting blame onto Pakistan is misleading.

The one thing that can be taken away from this is that the US is clearly playing to the gallery in India—no doubt in an effort to secure profitable trade ties with the country. However, given that it has absolutely no stake within the region, in comparison to regional powers like China and Pakistan—be it in regards to politics, economic or environment—the relevance of its opinion fades away substantially. What’s important right now is for us to remain steadfast on our stance and oppose this bogus statement made by a country that is proving to be one of the most barbaric in modern times. Institutionalised cruelty against the people of Kashmir and unprovoked military aggression along the Himalayan border stand as clear evidence of the humanitarian and political crisis being created by India. Pakistan will continue its efforts to highlight atrocious actions and persuade the international community to take joint effort against India.

India can go on pretending that it is the victim and is not at the epicentre of geo-political tensions in the region but the truth is open for all to see. As such, Pakistan will continue to maintain its position while refuting the unwarranted attack by both countries with facts.