Either it is the “dress” or it is the “time” that tempts men. It may be to see her being alone- that is all that takes to blame the victim in crimes which involve heinous behaviour against women. The attempts of rape cases increase with rapid pace. A recent case of an abduction of a girl happened in Clifton, Karachi, where it is believed that a 22-year-old girl was abducted and raped by a gang.

Our country which came into being in the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is among the 10 worst countries when it comes to the treatment of women. Does any justice prevail in the state of the word “Islamic?”

3,832 cases of child abuse were reported in 2018 which is 11% more from 2017. Around 10,000 rape cases have been reported in the past 3.5 years, only in Punjab. If we look closely on the data from the provincial dailies on the number of felonies committed against women, majority of them are of child abuse, early marriages, forced conversions, domestic violence, rape and kidnapping, which round up to be 90%

That sums up a whopping 200% increase in crime against women, only just in the past three months compared to what the nation had before.

Is our government just an incompetent one packed with the corrupt. Can it really save our women from these monsters? It is the big question mark on the government whether it is serious to want to tackle these issues.