Teaching is considered as a very prominent profession, but that is partly because there is massive joblessness and fewer job opportunities in various departments. In private education institutions, teaching has become an alternative job especially for professionals possessing degrees such as L.L.B, M.B.A and M. E in different fields.

It has been learnt that such people, as mentioned above, adapt private teaching platforms as their temporary and part-time jobs just for earning their livelihood instead of devoting themselves to education seriously when they fail to get a job in their own fields.

Here it is badly needed to be observed that teaching is also one of the professional fields like medical, law and engineering.

As one has to acquire a respective degree to be a doctor, an advocate or an engineer has to study B.Ed and M.ed subjects to be a proficient teacher. It is beyond me to digest that if one can’t cure a patient without M.B.B.S degree, one can’t be allowed to plead a case in the court without L.L.B, then how can one be a proficient teacher without having degrees and studying B.Ed and M.Ed?

Moreover, it is commonly believed that a teacher’s responsibility is just to get students to complete their course by the time but in fact, a teacher is a role model whose job is to teach students social-emotional leanings and ethical values apart from the school curriculum.

Nowadays, it is worrying seeing such unprofessional lecturering of O Level classes, who are not aware of even basics of pedagogical skills.

If this kind of unprofessional teaching practice remains unchanged, our upcoming generations will be deprived of the glory of proficient teachers in schools and colleges.

It is my request to the federal and provincial ministers of the education department that teacher training sessions must be organized biannually in every private and public school and college in every district of Pakistan so that current teachers who haven’t studied teaching skills can be skilful teachers and our educational institutions provide students with the quality of education.