Imran Khan's Tehrek-e-Insaf has a very good website It is a site worth viewing, particularly its web forum, which always has very good comments from educated citizens. There are hundreds of Pakistani websites with discussion forums but this is one of the few worth reading. In all such forums, the membership is always open to people. However, in the forum when one applies for registration as a member, he is also required to sign/agree to become an automatic member of Tehrek-e-Insaf whether one wishes or not. I am a non-political person. I have never joined any political party. Although I like Imran Khan's views, but joining any political party is against my thinking. Through this paper, I request Imran Khan that he should make registration for the discussion forum free. Every political party, including big ones like PPP, PML-N, MQM, APDM etc, should realize the importance of introducing their own public discussion web forums but should not force participants to sign up membership. Because if they did, virtually every man who participates in their forums will be perforce member of all political parties in the country. That would be a bit too much of democracy, don't you think? -ZAIDE, Dammam Saudi Arabia, via e-mail, September 15.