The relentless loadshedding in Karachi, even while the mercury readings were persistently high, added to people's woes during the month of Ramadan. The menace continued to disturb people even during Sehri and Iftar timings despite periodic assurances by the authorities that these two occasions were sacrosanct. As if all this was not the limit, the KESC decided to augment electricity bills by 31% catalyzing the resentment among the residents of Karachi. People say the authorities are basically exploiting the issue of soaring oil prices by imposing high tariffs and are subsequently planning to transfer the entire burden of oil price hike to the consumer. The gravity of the situation has further aggravated this summer. Last summer when maximum electricity requirement of the city mounted to 2,450 MW, WAPDA was giving up to 700 MW to KESC. The graph collapsed to 300MW in November 2007 and the convention of plunging many localities into complete darkness for more than four hours recommenced. Even privatization of the utility in 2005 has yielded no benefits for the layman. There is a strong need to address this problem through concrete measures so that the hub of Pakistan can be saved from plunging into a state of unending obscurity. -MUHAMMAD SHOAIB SHAKIR, Karachi, via e-mail, September 26.