EVER since the US began its military aggression in this region under the guise of the 'war on terror, the people of the FATA region have been its particular victims. Despite the fact that they were not involved at any level with the terrorist acts of 9/11, they have been bombed by US drones as well as being targeted by their own countrys military forces. The main tribes from the FATA Agencies, like the Orakzais, continue to remain largely displaced as a result of ongoing military operations but no one is talking of helping them in any way. In fact, it appears, especially with the floods devastation, the earlier batch of IDPs have been conveniently forgotten by the state. So we have a population whom we want to win over into the mainstream of the country but whom our forces are killing and displacing along with the US drones, which are also being flown with the complicity of the Pakistan civil and military leadership. At the end of the day, while a few militants may have been killed by these lethal drones, thousands of innocent Pakistanis, including women and children, have also died as so much collateral damage which for President Zardari is not a concern at all As if that was not enough abuse of our people in FATA, a people who were the most avid supporters of the new state Pakistan, we now have our proclaimed ally the United States through NATO increasing the military attacks against the FATA people through helicopter gunships again, according to local officials, killing civilians only. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa elected representatives have finally woken up to the military abuse of the FATA tribes and have passed a unanimous resolution through the KP Assembly slamming these airstrikes but our Federal government and military leadership continues to speak with forked tongue as it were on the drone issue. However, the worst is yet to come from the Americans. The Commander of the US forces in Afghanistan, General Petraeus, has threatened to send US troops on the ground in FATA if Pakistan does not dismantle the alleged militant camps in that region. Of course, no one is prepared to pinpoint these camps, which is why there have been so many civilian deaths so far in FATA. The US is desperately seeking to find a face saving exit from Afghanistan and one way it seems to think is to shift the centre of gravity of the war to Pakistan. Of course, if the US makes the grave error of sending troops into Pakistan on the ground, it will find itself trapped on all sides. The people of Pakistan have already expressed their opposition to the alliance with the US as well as the drones and some political parties like the MQM are already sensing the public mood and denouncing the US. For the government to concede any more ground to the US would be suicidal. The writing is on the wall.