LAHORE Lady Aitchison Hospital management on Wednesday closed down one of its Gynaecology Units soon after the transfer of its head Prof Dr Arshad Chauhan to Lady Wellington Hospital, creating extra burden of patients on the remaining functional units. The hospital management, however, termed the closure and shifting of patients to other unit as temporary arrangement adding that it had nothing to do with the transfer of Prof Dr Arshad Chauhan. Medical Superintendent Prof Dr Shagufta Zaidi said that the patients were shifted to other unit only to facilitate renovation and uplift of a portion of Lady Aitchison Hospital and it should not be linked with the transfer of a senior doctor. Transfer is a routine matter and other senior doctors will take the place of Dr Chauhan. Shifting of patients to other unit is a temporary arrangement to facilitate renovation and it has nothing to do with the transfer of Dr Chauhan, she said. Prof Dr Arshad Chauhan relinquished charge of head of one of Gynaecology Unit at Lady Aitchison Hospital after his transfer to Lady Wellington Hospital. Soon after the head of one unit relieved his charge, the management shifted patients to other unit, adding more pressure on already overburdened unit. Being a specialised centre for Gynaecology, Lady Aitc-hison Hospital is already attracting extra patients after the closure of Jhanki Devi Hospital. The closure of practically half of Lady Aitchison Hospital has added to the miseries of patients and their families, as there is no proper public sector Gynaecology centre in the close vicinity.