ISLAMABAD Recent blocking of many popular TV channels on cable TV networks is leading to a boom in sales of smuggled Indian satellite receivers in Pakistani markets. As per the findings of the survey conducted by TheNation, it was learnt that leading Indian brands including TATA Sky, Dish TV and Sun Direct are being openly sold in local markets for Rs. 8,000 including the digital satellite receiver and a small Ku band antenna. Monthly subscription of service is Rs. 700 for 200 channels that include many pure Hindu religious channels while many others promote vulgarity and Hindu culture, thus destroying the morality of young generation. PEMRA, the national broadcast watchdog, started a crackdown on the cable operators by ordering them to close all unlicensed channels, when Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry ordered blocking of Indian channels, while hearing the petition on blocking of some news channels by cable operators on 13 August 2010. The SC ordered PEMRA to ensure broadcast of all local news channels and blocking of Indian channels. TV viewers complain that PEMRA while implementing SCs order, has forced cable operators to stop broadcast of many free to air (FTA) channels that were neither Indian nor promoting any vulgarity. Rather, PEMRA stopped airing of most popular Islamic channels including Peace TV (English), Peace TV (Urdu), Iqra and Saudia 1. PEMRA is the sole authority to issue licenses to Pakistani news and entertainment channels and also grants landing rights by charging a very high fee to international satellite channels that are available freely in Pakistan. The popular international channels blocked by PEMRA include Aljazeera English, Euronews, DDWTV, CCTV9, Bloomberg, NHK, Dubai Sports, MBC, Travel, etc., and children channels including Nick ARY and Baby TV. It was learnt that the satellite dishes are less than 2 feet diameter impossible to detect and theres no way that PEMRA can stop use of these dishes across the country said head of a local cable TV operator. When contacted, Pemra official said that Pemra has continuously been taking action against the unlicensed channels. If the smuggled Indian satellite receivers are used domestically then it is government responsibility to take action, however Pemra takes action against its commercial usage. He also remarked that concerned customs authorities should be questioned about its open sale in market. It is certainly illegal and it should be checked, he added.