PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif that giving an impression of government stability through a meeting between President, PM and Army Chief is in fact weakness of government. Talking to media after addressing a donor conference as called by Punjab government to seek donations for the flood affectees of the province here on Thursday he said attack of NATO troops inside Pakistan is an attack on our sovereignty and we condemn it in strongest of words. But these attacks also leave a big question mark on the government functioning. Foreign forces come inside our borders and target our citizens while the government is sitting like silent spectator. Why isn't it raising its voice at the international form. The government should protest with NATO we would be with the government. He said that PML-N is not against the democratic system and neither we would allow the system to be derailed. But we oppose the manner in which the govt is running the affairs of the state, it is inviting a flood of public hatred. The government should reform its working. Earlier addressing the donor conference Nawaz Sharif said that prevailing floods devastations has jolted the economy of the country and in the prevailing circumstances militants could take advantage of the situation if the floods affectees are not provided timely assistance. He said that militant elements could take advantage from prevailing flood devastations, however Punjab Government would do its best by speeding the rehabilitation reconstruction process in the flood affected areas and would not leave the affectees at the mercy of the terrorists. He also pointed that flood devastations across the country were unprecedented and owing to flood devastations the ratio of GDP has downed to 5.3 percent, while flood wreckages has ruined employment opportunities of millions of people. PML-N chief further underlined that Chief Minister Punjab has done a Herculean job to rescue the flood victims from flooded areas, while services of the NGOs, civil society and other welfare trusts were also commendable and at this time of misery-the nation has been united to tackle prevailing flood devastations. The donors' conference was attended by ambassadors of 57 countries, representatives of world monetary institutions, industrialists, chambers and commerce and members of parliament. Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif addressing on the occasion stated that flood wreckages in the country were far greater as compare to earthquake of 2005 in Pakistan and earthquakes of Haiti and Tsunami and at this time the world should come forward to assist Pakistan to tackle prevailing flood devastations. He informed the participants of the 'Donors' Conference' that approximately 20 million people have been affected across the country in flood devastations, while 1.2 million houses have been damaged in the flood-affected areas, crops standing at 1.7million acre swept in floodwater and more than five Lac cattle died in flash floods. Chief Minister Punjab stated that Punjab Government will utilize all its available resources to compensate the smaller cultivators of the province and to compensate the affected farmers, Punjab Government will provide free of cost seed and fertilizers to the cultivators. He also informed the participants of the donors' conference that Punjab Government had already initiated reconstruction of model villages, model colonies, hospitals, school and colleges in the flood affected areas on priority basis. Punjab government has been committed to rehabilitate the flood affected homeless people in their native areas and for this purpose Punjab Government has been desperately in need of assistance from world community and world donor agencies to rehabilitate the flood affectees.