Sindh keeps calling the Chashma-Jhelum and the Taunsa-Panjnad link canals flood only canals, meaning that they should be opened only during the flood season, when south Punjab is already drowning in flood water!

These two barrages along with Tarbela dam are part of the replacement works under the Indus water Treaty for transfer of water from the western rivers to the canals previously under the command area of Ravi and Sutlej rivers.

The two rivers could not have been given away without making arrangement for replacement water to irrigate 35 lakh acres in upper-south Punjab and 15 lakh acres in lower-south Punjab.

Now Sindh has forced IRSA to stop 7000 cusec flowing in the CJ link canal and 3000 cusec flowing in the TP link canal. This is daylight robbery. As it is Sindh is getting 70% of the water stored at Tarbela and south Punjab only 20%. With the two link canals shut down Sindh will start getting 90% of the water not only from Tarbela dam but also from any other dam on the Indus including Bhasha dam.

Punjab is the breadbasket of Pakistan, robbing Punjab of water will mean a 50% reduction in national food production.


Lahore, September 4.