LAHORE: Imran Khan’s dramatic arrival in Lahore today heralds what could be a make or break moment in his PTI’s relentless push for power.

At stake isn’t just National Assembly constituency 122, but a head start in the first phase of the local bodies’ polls set for October 31st and a foothold in a citadel seat in the heart of the ruling PML-N’s stronghold.

If the PTI can win here, it will open the gates of towns and cities throughout urban Punjab and offer its workers hope for victory in the 2018 general election.

It will not be easy. In 2013, the PTI leader himself failed to oust Ayaz Sadiq from NA-122 and lost the contest. Imran grabbed 84417 votes and Sadiq secured 93362 ballots.

Imran claimed he lost the contest only because of alleged vote rigging and the Election Tribunal later confirmed there had been irregularities at polling stations in the constituency.

Now the matter will be settled once and all, although Khan himself is not a candidate this time around.

If the PTI wins, it will give a big boost to Imran Khan supporters for striking its arch political rival the PML-N with high morale in the upcoming local bodies’ elections.

The defeat could possibly break the charisma of Imran Khan that and his party’s threat perception to the ruling party’s throne in Punjab as well as its stronghold in Lahore.

At the same time NA-122 is equally important for the ruling party as the defeat of his former National Assembly Speaker at the hands of Imran’s candidate could shake the very foundations of the PML-N in its stronghold.