ISLAMABAD - The officials had sent own relatives as Khuddam Al Hajjaj as large-scale irregularities uncovered in the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

According to details, it has been found that the ministry officials had sent own relatives in the Hajj mission as Khuddam Al Hajjaj and profited from it. Those benefitting from the scam include daughter-in-law of the Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Yousaf.

Reportedly, the Khuddam Al Hajjajs, literally the assistants of the pilgrims earned more than 150 Riyals per day. Other people who were given the benefit include voters of the federal minister. Their names include Muhammad Munsif, Shaukat, Gulzar Ahmed, Gul Muhammad, Muhammad Farid, Muhammad Bashir, Muhammad Kaleem and Akmal Khan.

Once the charade was started by the federal minister, his personal secretary made sure to benefit from it too. He enlisted his wife and driver also in the list of the Khuddams.

Joint Secretary Admin Noor Zaman also took his share by enlisting his wife Halima Noor among the Khuddams.

In total 30 people were sent as Khuddams as one of the worst display of nepotism. The Khuddams are not allowed performing Hajj and their duty is to focus on the needs of the pilgrims instead. Even then, all of them performed Hajj and made money instead of doing their jobs.