To mark October as Pinktober the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pink Ribbon has launched a countrywide Breast Cancer Awareness drive in collaboration with Higher Education Commission and other public and private partners. The campaign aims to involve nearly 200 educational institutes across Pakistan to reach out to over 100,000 young girls, equipping them with necessary knowledge about cause and prevention of Breast Cancer.

Pink Ribbon will also run an extensive awareness campaign including radio and TV awareness messages and debates, outdoor messaging, social media and text messaging campaign, Pink Illumination, alongside holding different awareness activities for females at the community level. The Pinktober campaign also includes fundraising for Pakistan’s first dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital being constructed by Pink Ribbon.

On launch of the campaign Chief Executive Pink Ribbon Omer Aftab said the campaign aims to create widespread awareness while bringing it in mainstream to urge policy makers to take up this issue as priority area. He mentioned that that Breast Cancer claims over 40,000 lives every year; yet there is lack of medical facilities for this disease. He told that to cater the need of medical services for Breast Cancer, Pink Ribbon is building Pakistan’s first dedicated Breast Cancer hospital, and the campaign needs ever more support to build this hospital to ensure that none of us will have to bear the horror of losing a mother, a sister, a wife or a daughter.

 “Every Year 40,000 women die in Pakistan due to Breast Cancer. Pakistan has the highest rate of Breast Cancer in whole of Asia. One in every nine women in Pakistan is at high risk of Breast Cancer. With early detection, chances of surviving Breast Cancer are more than 90%. The treatment facilities in Pakistan are not adequate”

In Pakistan Having breast cancer, no matter what stage or severity, carries a stigma attached to it, furthermore due to lack of awareness many women deny their condition being unaware of health risks. The shyness and hesitation to talk about Breast let them embrace the death silently, as because of unavailability of trained female doctors they refuse to go for any kind of breast examination.

“October is celebrated as the international month of Breast Cancer awareness worldwide. This year too Pakistan’s national awareness campaign, Pink Ribbon is doing what is needed at various levels, by raising public awareness about the disease, highlighting the role of research into the causes of breast cancer and promoting the significance of early detection of breast cancer in terms of better treatment and survival. Such activities are carried out all year round but the month of October is special”