Keeping its traditions alive, the Kasur B-Division Police and Muhafiz Force allegedly gave a free-hand to criminals after receiving bribe and registered cases against innocent citizens during Eid days.

The Bhasrapur Police-Post In-charge Mushtaq Haider and his team arrested Lazarus from Kot Aligarh for possessing four bottles of liquor. But they later released him allegedly after receiving Rs4,000 from him.

Several innocent people of the area were threatened with registration of cases for possessing “the same recovered liquor” and were compelled to pay “illegal gratifications”.

Citizens alleged that the police continuously harassed innocent citizens across district during Eid days.

A citizen, who requested anonymity, claimed that the police intercepted youths and received bribes after harassing them.

They severely criticised the police for unleashing harassment and excesses in the garb of ‘checking’ people when they were travelling and busy in Eid shopping.

It has been witnessed on the streets of Kasur city that the police had geared up the campaign to receive “Eidi” forcibly from the masses and motorcyclists were their main victims. People of the area have asked the DPO to take notice of the ‘black sheep’ in uniform and take steps to avoid concurrence of such ‘ugly’ situation.