a difference of opinion

S: I wish when we were younger someone had taught us in school about the potential of innovation and entrepreneurship. Instead we were just focused entirely on math and science and becoming a doctor or an engineer. If you were somewhat of a rebel you’d go into the business stream and study finance ad economics or become an accountant.

A: What is wrong with focusing on science and math? Having a reliable source of income and a profession does not mean killing the idea of innovation. People can come up with any idea later in their lives when they actually become something.

S: But why aren’t we showing our kids that this is another way of living our lives as well? To think of that one idea that will change the world, or come up with a product or a service that can provide an income for them. The idea of entrepreneurship simply does not exist in a sixteen year olds mind until and unless he is going hungry and has to hustle and come up with innovative ways to make a living.

A: I just oppose the idea of making students believe that they’ll come up with the next big idea and become billionaires like Mark Zuckerburg. Not everyone succeeds at this and it is important that they have a reliable education background to fall back on as a safety net. To shun traditional education is too radical an idea. The set way of doing things exist because they work and will continue to work in the future as well.

S: The current job market is your biggest rebuttal. Highly educated people are applying for posts way below their capabilities. Why? Because jobs simply do not exist if you are creating a thousand accountants every year, or tonnes of doctors and nowhere to place them. The system needs to change. Entrepreneurship will encourage new job creation and will boost the economy. Its time schools join that bandwagon as well.