LAHORE - Defence analysts want the government to be proactive diplomatically and strategically to foil Indian designs against Pakistan as the hoax of surgical strikes exposes the Modi government’s mood.

According to them, the last year’s visit of Indian PM to Pakistan, Pathankot attack and Uri incident are preplanned steps to destabilise Pakistan and weaken it economically since a hope of prosperity has arisen from the projects like China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). They found Modi mindset of India hoodwinked the world into this episode to cover its atrocities in Kashmir.

Former interior minister Gen (r) Moeenuddin Haider said Indian forces cannot dare conduct surgical strikes as they know well how Pakistan will respond to that. He also rejected the Indian allegation of Pakistan’s involvement in cross-border terrorism, saying the UN observers are deployed to monitor activities along the LoC and they (the observers) have noticed nothing like that.

The former minister said the government should take up the matter with the United Nations and Pakistan should call upon the world body to send its mission to the bordering area.

At the same time, he insisted that Pakistan should not exercise any undue restraint over Indian aggression on the LoC.

“Indian aggression should have a befitting response from Pakistan which is fully capable of doing so. We must adopt precautionary measures as taking Indian aggressive designs lightly will let it continue with its hostile approach,” he added.

Former General Ghulam Mustafa said India is playing a very bad game and the world must not be kept in the dark (about it). He also rejected Indian claims of cross-border attacks, saying: “If India ever takes such a step, it will receive unthinkable response.”

However, he stressed that Pakistan should strongly defend its case politically, diplomatically and strategically. He also favoured involving America in the matter as was done in 2009 when India voiced for resorting to surgical strikes inside Pakistan.

However, he insisted that Islamabad must take every possible step to foil the Modi government’s designs against Pakistan. “Kashmir freedom movement has become a nightmare for Modi,” he added.

Maj Gen (r) Zahid Bashir said the US and India have joined their hands to frustrate the completion of CPEC, therefore, the possibility of Washington’s backing of New Delhi cannot be ruled out.

He said CPEC augers a bright economic future for Pakistan and hugely benefiting China, which is unacceptable to India and America.

As such India got a role to deny CPEC prosperity to Pakistan for which it was resorting to such actions.

He said India is facing embarrassment in Kashmir and wants to divert attention on its atrocities by any means.

Vice Air Marshal (r) Shahid Latif said India is perpetrating extreme terrorism in Pakistan but Pakistan government has failed to respond properly.

“Had we timely highlighted Indian terrorism in Balochistan and other parts of the country after the arrest of RAW Kalbushan Yadav, India would not have dared play this strike drama,” he added.

He said time has come that Pakistan should take up the case of Indian atrocities in Kashmir with the UN and tell the world about its evil designs.

Rejecting Indian attack claims, Brig (r) Ghazanfar Ali said the Delhi act follows severing trade, transports and other ties between the two countries. However, he said Pakistan must be wary of PM Modi’s hostile approach.

Under the patronage of Modi, he added, India is emerging as the worst terrorist state in the world. He said the world must realise the effect of the Chankya ideology being promoted by the Indian government.

Ali said Pakistan captured RAW agents and detected its network which should have been properly exposed to the world. He also ruled out the possibility of Indian attack on Pakistan, saying that India would never ‘commit such a mistake as Delhi better knows of Pakistani response. However, he said, it is time to forge unity and stand one against Indian aggressive designs.