ISLAMABAD - Capital Development Authority took possession of National Cricket Ground, Islamabad and decided to launch FIR against National Cricket Ground administration for trying to create hurdles, unlocking main gate and breaking the seal.

The CDA had sent a number of notices to Islamabad Cricket Association (ICA) North Zone secretary Shabbir Ahmed to hand back possession of the ground, but Shabbir failed to reply to any one of the said notices, upon which CDA sent final notice in this regard. Failing to comply with orders, CDA Sports and Enforcement Wing officials reached the venue to take over the ground possession. Instead of cooperating with the CDA staff and resolving the matter amicably, Shabbir refused to hand over the possession of the ground and spoilt the CDA effort to seal the ground.

According to sources, the CDA officials reached National ground again in late hours and after sealing the ground, left the scene. ICA members Thursday broke the seal while the CDA officials, under the command of Director Security, took the possession of the ground forcefully.

When contacted CDA Assistant Director Ch Shahzad to seek his point of view, he said: “We have sent notices to Shabbir to get vacant ground from one single individual, but to no avail. We have also decided to file FIR against the ICA officials, who took law into their own hands.”

When contacted ICA North Zone secretary Shabbir Ahmed to seek his point of view, he said he never received any notice in this regard from the CDA. “It is unlawful act and demanded the CDA to present proof that National Ground allotment is cancelled.”