LAHORE - A top Chinese energy official has appreciated the pace of work on the energy projects being carried out in Punjab under the leadership of Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, sources said.

After his recent visit to Punjab, Chinese National Energy Administration (NEA) Vice Administrator Li Fanrong wrote a letter to the CM, lauding the progress on the energy projects which are part of the greater CPEC project.

In the letter, Mr Li said, “I would like to express my sincere thanks for your long support for the CPEC energy cooperation. With the concerted efforts from both sides, work in every related to CPEC energy cooperation have delivered remarkable fruits and achieved positive progress, and are still making greater breakthroughs.”

The Chinese official, who headed a delegation and visited Pakistan from August 1 to 4, said: “The Conference (on CPEC energy projects) was well-prepared and fruitful. And we also investigated three power projects, which were impressive. My highest salute goes to you and your colleagues, senior officials and staff members in particular, who spared no efforts for the conference and made considerate arrangements for the NEA delegation.

“Till now, the CPEC energy projects are going well, 9 of which have been under construction with the total capacity of 5980MW and the expected total investment exceeding $9 billion.

And the 8 projects, except Karot Hydropower Project, will be put into operation in late 2017 or early 2018 barring unforeseen circumstances. In order to push ahead with the energy projects, the conference was held with pragmatism arid high efficiency and has made series of achievements.

Issues of exempting interest tax and foreign exchange expenditure, according to your side, have been resolved and issues electricity bill reserve account, security, outward transmission line, and problems from other projects have been promised to be addressed at the earliest possible time from your side.

With no doubt, the Chinese government will support and urge Chinese enterprise to spare no efforts and work overtime as before, ensuring that the projects will be put into operation with high quality on time.

“Though it was our first meeting, our mutual understanding is deepening, and your pragmatic work attitude left me deep impression. At the same time, this visit me more knowledge about Pakistan government and people.

The Pakistan government’s efforts in pushing forward the projects construction and the concrete action for the well-being of people are truly admirable. In particular, the projects in Punjab province such as Sahiwal Coal-fired Power Plant, created new record of development in the energy field, setting “Punjab Speed”, It is believed that Pakistan will further promote “Punjab Speed” under the leadership of the Government, and achieve full development of the economic society.

 I hereby would like to express my hearty congratulations.

“In the next phase, NEA will work with Pakistan governments to implement the outcomes of the conference. I believe, with the mutual trust and efforts. CPEC energy projects will make greater progress, contribute to the development of the Pakistan economy, and lift China-Pakistan friendship to a new height. I look forward to see you again.”