LAHORE -  Punjab Chief Minister has said some elements - India on the external front; and PTI sit-in internally - are out to damage Pakistan’s economic interests but they both will never succeed.

“Kashmiris in Occupied Valley are writing a new history of freedom with their blood as leadership of their movement has come into the hands of the dynamic youth who are determined to get rid of the Indian occupation,” the chief minister said while addressing a conference on Kashmir held at Model Town Secretariat of the PML-N here yesterday.

Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Farooq Haider also addressed the gathering on the occasion.

Shehbaz Sharif, in strong words, ruled out that India will ever dare the mistake of attacking Pakistan which he said, possesses the best army in the world with invincible defence system to meet any challenge from the enemy. He said if India cast evil eye on Pakistan its eyes would be gouged out and trampled under the feet.

The CM also paid rich tribute to the Kashmiris struggle and said the Simla Accord of 1972, which held the Kashmir a bilateral issue between India and Pakistan, had been suppressed under the sacrifices of Kashmiris and their movement of freedom will now never come to end without achieving the objective.

He strongly lamented the apathy of the international community on the blatant violations of the human rights by the India forces in Occupied Kashmir and posed why the world community locked jaws on the question of giving justice to Kashmiris when it was proactive on East Timor and North Sudan.

He cited Palestine and Kashmir issues as the example of deadliest silence of the UN and the world community to get them resolved. “Kashmiris are losing their eye sight from the pellet-gun fires by the India forces but they are braving oppression to get their right which they would surely do.”

“Kashmiris pinned high hopes on Pakistan as such Pakistan also needs to search the soul how much it is living up to their expectations.

“From 60s up till 90s Pakistan was a thriving economic nation with India lagging behind. But we failed to sustain the pace of economic progress later on hence many challenges confront us today,” the CM added.

Shehbaz said if today Pakistan wants to concuss the international conscience on the plight of Kashmiris and solution to Kashmir dispute, Pakistan must develop itself into an economic might.

It is however not possible without unity of all which, he said while alluding the PTI protest march, regrettably is being broken by certain people at home. Shehbaz invited the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf to rally towards the Indian border or LoC to express solidarity before the enemy and foster unity in the country which is a dire need of the hour. But, he said, the nation is being again pitted against the same conspiracy of ‘dharna protest’ which was seen in 2014 as affecting division in the nation and causing economic loss to the country.

“It is time to shun political differences and stand united as it was done in Turkey when the whole political forces and the nation stood one to thwart a military coup some months back,” the CM held.

Shehbaz Sharif, valuing the CPEC as lifeline of Pakistan, smelled the protest march was aimed at damaging the mega project. He said this project of prosperity will render Pakistan economically so strong that it would be able to look India eye to eye and get a huge weight in the world to get its voice heard and decisions accepted. “For the completion of this project not chaos but peace and hard-work are needed but the point is, one Modi across the border and another section at home are toeing the same purpose of hitting the economical backbone project of Pakistan in their own style,” the chief minister maintained.

Terming the protest as good as shooting in own foot, the CM vowed to not let any conspiracy to jeopardise the economic progress of the country succeed. He said that the protest makers did not visualise preparations for 2018 elections but wanted to impede the country from making economic progress. “Chaos is not in the interest of anyone,” he said, adding that the enemies whether outside or outside will never succeed.

Only an economically strong Pakistan can get Kashmir, Shehbaz said while expressing strong hope that Kashmir would be integrated with Pakistan. “India will not be able to do anything on Kashmir if Pakistan emerged as economically strong,” he added.

The AJK premier said that the Pakistani media must show the world true face of India on Kashmir where, he added, Indian forces have unleashed worst sort of atrocities.

“Kashmiris today stand for merging with Pakistan and their love for Pakistan is well demonstrated from their celebrations on the Independence Day on August 14 last and fact they are burying the martyrs wrapped in Pakistani flag,” Farooq Haider said.

“Kashmiris need solidarity of Pakistan as it was never before as such they have done on their part and now it is up to Pakistan,” he added.

He also lauded PM Nawaz address to the UNGA, saying that the Pakistani premier consulted and took input from the Kashmiri leaders before going to United States.

Haider further said that Kashmir struggle has climaxed into final phase and the day is not far off when Kashmir will be a part of Pakistan.