Unfortunately, in Pakistan, people die because of dehydration as well as floods. Shortage and overflow of water have both proven to be vicious.

After the monsoon season, it is the water stored in dams and reservoirs that meets the country’s agricultural and other needs. Talks regarding the scarcity of water are on the rise in most regions. One of the answers to this issue is the construction and protection of dams, artificial lakes, and reservoirs. These dams would not only meet our daily water requirements but hydroelectricity can also be generated to eradicate load shedding, which remains one of the biggest problems facing Pakistan today. Ignorance regarding the building of dams, reservoirs, and artificial lakes is simply the root cause of our water crisis.

Our present leaders and the government is paying attention to the development and progress of Pakistan but sadly, several problems have arisen. When would we realise and take measures to protect ourselves from spontaneous calamities?


Turbat, September 11.