LAHORE - A UN seminar on food security and nutrition concluded here on Thursday and the experts emphasised the need for promoting a balances diet for a healthy life.

Recommendations in this regard were finalised at the technical session, presided over by Additional Chief Secretary Punjab Shamail Ahmad Khawaja. The recommendations commensurate with the common strategic and programmatic priorities of the UN Partner for Pakistan in the post-2017 scenario, including food security and nutrition.

While addressing the technical session, Shamail Khawaja emphasised the need for ensuring provision of clean drinking water and pure food to the people at all levels.

He stressed promoting breast-feeding among mothers and asked people to adopt healthy lifestyle by changing their eating habits, preferring nutritious balanced food, avoiding overeating and making washing of hands and oral hygiene as their habit if they want to safeguard their new generation from the stunting trend.

He also suggested sensitising youngsters about nutritional value of various edibles and proposed establishment of a national food security committee.

Shamail Khawaja informed the participants about creation of Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Secretariat in Planning & Development Department and establishment of the Punjab Agriculture, Food & Drug Authority (PAFDA) under which the most modern and state-of-the-art laboratories have been established to test the adulterated food stuff. This will help curb the adulteration-mafia in the province, he added.

The experts presented recommendations to avoid the use of fast food, fashion drugs and processed milk including dry milk available in canes and packets. Contrary to this, a simple lifestyle and a habit of eating balanced diet preferably the boiled vegetables having natural vitamins and micro-nutrients must be promoted, they said.

Convener UN SPA-6 Programme William Affif, Research Fellow Dr Stephen Davies and Member Health P&D Punjab Dr Shabana Haider also spoke at the technical session.