LAHORE: Punjab government spokesman Zaeem Qadri has said government is fully focusing on defence of the country and the Indian provocation rather than  Imran Khan’s circus.

“Government is focusing on country’s defence and Indian provocation on borders. Imran Khan wants to deflect the attention of people from it by relaying his film. Government is providing full security to political circus of Imran Khan in Raiwind”, he said this here today while addressing a press conference.

Addressing PTI chief Imran Khan he said “let us together move to the border and stage a sit in there giving message to India that the Pakistani nation is united”.

He went on to say that RAW and Afghan intelligence agency NDS are sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan. Still the threats of terrorism loom large. We have informed Imran Khan in writing about the security threats. Over 7000 security personnel are deployed for security of March.

Playing politics by Imran Khan in the prevailing situation is baneful for Imran Khan, he observed.

Islamabad dharna caused loss to the tune of Rs 5.50 billion to national economy and the loss to be inflicted by Raiwind March is estimated to be above 10 billion, he held.