islamabad - The government collected Rs2273 million through challans on motorway and national highways during last fiscal year.

According to data submitted by the Ministry of Communication to the National Assembly in reply to lawmaker Dr Shazia Sonia’s question, the total police fine collected during year 2015-16 was Rs2273.36 million.  Motorway police collected Rs505 million while the amount collected by highways police was Rs1767 during last year.

In 2014-15, the total amount collected was Rs2403 million. During 2013-14, collection on highways was Rs1815 million while on motorways it was Rs399 million.

Amount collected in term of weigh fines was Rs389 million in 2015-16 while in 2013-14 and 2014-15 it was Rs276 million and Rs418 million respectively .

After deduction of operational and maintenance charges, the amount is distributed equally among national highway and motorway. Out of this amount given to national highways and motorways, half is allocated for road safety campaign and traffic education, 25 per cent on regimental and force welfare and 25 per cent for annual rewards. The NHA utilise its share on maintenance of road network.

Minister for Communications in his written reply said that the total number of Enemy Property or land in Sindh is about 200,335 acres.

About 194,085 acres are lying in District Tharparkar. He said it was not true that the land gabbers have grabbed the Enemy Property.