Inspired by HSY’s vision the different stages of a woman’s thought process, HSY showcased ‘The Kingdom’. The collection comprised of 4 different Kingdoms and capsules, each depicting a different stage of a women’s life.

The first Kingdom is titled ‘Kalajar’ which paid homage to a woman who is coming out in to World; the capsule is based in a deliberately monochromatic palette to illustrate her societal ties and responsibilities and indeed how society itself expects her to be and dress. The second Kingdom is that of “Mahkar”, which means fragrance. It is a capsule which embraces a woman’s freedom to dream; hence the inspiration for this Kingdom comes from fragrances and flight of birds. The entire collection is made in beautiful printed fabrics designed and hand crafted by leading artisans in Como, Italy. This capsule uses hues of navy blue, depicting how a woman is shredding he monochromatic skin and moving toward color in her life. The third Kingdom is that of “Khat-e-Sahil”, synonymous with the title; this stage depicts a woman’s journey where she is found on the shore of two Worlds. In this stage, a woman is found in her warrior, power elements; she is beautiful and bold, in sepia tones and fabrics such as jacquard woven in silk, handmade in Milan and Florence. The fourth and final kingdom is “Sherastan”; the Woman is the Sher or the Queen; she is fierce, independent and dresses as lavishly as she desires. She is an element unto herself.  Leading television and film personalities Mawra and Urwa Hocane participated in HSY’s showcase as showstoppers.