LAHORE - A good number of people from Pakistani side yesterday witnessed the flag-lowering at Wagah border as scared Indians skip the ceremony.

Punjab Rangers DG Major General Omar Farooq Barki was present on this occasion while some political leaders including Shah Mahmood Qureshi also witnessed the 30-minute eyecatching ceremony, which is held every evening at sunset on the Wagah-Attari border.

A number of families reached the venue to express solidarity with the Army troops as tension on LoC escalated. The charged crowd chanted Pakistan Zindabad (Long Live Pakistan) slogans during the ceremony.

Major-General Omar Farooq Barki hugged Rangers personnel when the ceremony concluded as Pakistanis cheered with full-throat slogans in favour of the troops.

Thousands of people from both the sides attend the Retreat ceremony which is carried out by border guards of India and Pakistan, the BSF and Pakistan’s Punjab Rangers every evening.

However, the Indian side yesterday was empty as nobody appeared to attend the ceremony.

According to Indian media reports, the lowering of flag ceremony at Wagah border was cancelled after Indian troops fired on Pakistani checkposts. “The (Indian) BSF and district authorities have asked visitors and tourists not to move towards Attari for the ceremony on Thursday. It was unclear when the ceremony will resume,” according one of the Indian media outlets.

A great number of people started tweeting about the cancellation of the ceremony shortly after India barred her people from attending the ceremony.

Tazz Sandhu said on twitter that he witnessed the Wagah parade yesterday but could not find anyone on the Indian stands. “And they are claiming #SurgicalStrike in Pakistan” he questioned.

Safdar Shabbir tweeted “Not a single person today was seen at neighbour's side. Have they done surgical strikes in Pakistan? (It) seems like we have done one.”