LAHORE -  A three-day international Endoscopic Ultrasound workshop by the Lahore General Hospital with collaboration of Asian Ultrasound Group started on Thursday at a local hotel.

Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute and Ameeruddin Medical College Prof Ghiasud Din Tayyab presided over the inaugural session.

Dr Muhammad Khalid Hassan from Florida Hospital, Orlando,  Dr Ali Ahmed Siddiqui from University of Pennsylvania, USA, Dr Athar Ahmed Saeed from Gateshed Hospital and other medical experts delivered lectures focusing diagnose and treatment of medical complications relating liver and stomach.

Answering the questions of junior doctors, foreign experts said Endoscopic Ultrasound was a modern therapy wherein a detailed image of organs inside the human body like liver,digestive system, lungs was conceived which was very helpful to diagnose and treat real disease.

In his presidential address, Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute and Lahore General Hospital Prof Ghiasun Nabi said Endoscopic Ultrasound method was even more useful to identify and cure cancer of stomach and liver.

He said keeping in view future challenges the Lahore General Hospital had organized this workshop so as to provide guidance to junior doctors regarding this therapy.

Organizers of the workshop Dr Israrul Haq Toor, Dr Ghiasul Hassan and Dr Bilal Nasir said that workshop would continue till afternoon of Saturday.