LAHORE: Contrary to the expectations, PTI’s Friday rally passed without any showdown taking place between the PML-N and the PTI activists.

In anticipation of a possible attack on Sharif’s Raiwind residence, the PML-N had formed a “Danda Force” to prevent any such eventuality. It was also named ‘Janisaran-e-Nawaz Sharif Force”.

Days ahead of the PTI rally, party stalwart Mr Zaeem Qadri held press conferences along with members this force who were seen armed with clubs to be used against their opponents.

There was also talk of an “Unda Force” to throw eggs and tomatoes on the PTI activists attempting to go to the Raiwind residence of Sharif brothers.

Videos of members of ‘Danda Force’ doing hard exercises to maintain their fitness were also aired on news channels to frighten the PTI workers.

The PTI, on the other hand, had prepared its ‘Tiger Force’ armed with bats, party’s election symbol, to counter a possible clash with the PML-N workers.

This was something unheard in Pakistan’s political history. A clash seemed imminent amid the media hype created ahead of the planned rally. It would have been an unhealthy addition to country’s political culture had it been what was being expected.

But sense prevailed as both sides observed restraint.

As the PTI remained stick to its commitment that there would be no march towards the residences, no ‘Danda or Unda Force’ surfaced on the scene. There were also no reports of police halting PTI caravans heading towards the Adda Plot venue of the gathering.