Since the days of independence till the 1970s, Karachi was known for its libraries and its bookshops comprising both old books and new ones as well.

New books are being released in large numbers, but unfortunately the number of old books is abating with the passage of time. There was a time when Karachi’s Urdu Bazaar was witnessed to be the hub of old books. Whatever you named, they had it, with the old book of Ibn-i-Safi to Manto’s stories. And then there came the era of internet which spoiled everything. The books which were available at Khori Garden are now available at nominal charges on the World Wide Web.

The advent of internet has dented the popularity of hardcovers and paperback books. Old books are a source of reading for many of the old books lovers. So the protection of such books should be made under the supervision of educational experts.


Turbat, September 11.