Speaking from the front a Pakistan military official said Pakistan responded well to the Indian aggression and rejected the surgical strikes claim.

“Attack was on my company. By the grace of God we have responded aggressively. And push them back in their territory. Killing 6 of them confirm reports. And we lost a one brave son of soil,” he said.

Another official, defending the motherland along the LoC, said Indian claim of surgical strikes – were unfounded. “Dare not. It was not even a good ceasefire violation by LoC standards. We are waiting for them for so many days,” he added.

The officials said the Indians tried at four places. “In my area, they were spotted while still 1500 metres inside their area. We blasted them well and proper and they ran back. In other sectors also, they were spotted much earlier. Thereafter, they settled for just an exchange of fire from a distance only. At one place, they were halted right at the LoC from where they ran back like jackals. Our casualties were due to mortar fire,” one official said.

Separately, a military official said: “I am at chhamb. They did nothing. Initially, they tried to cross LoC but we detected them well inside their territory and held them right in their tracks. They ran back leaving many dread bodies on the LoC. On our side, there are only two Shaheeds (martyrs) due to mortar fire. No Indian could dare to set foot on our homeland.”

Another military official said: “We have their eight dead bodies lying on the LoC opposite Tatta pani. They can even lift them from there. Making totally false claims. Very soon, they will be shamed as we will bring undeniable proofs.”