In response to MNS threats against Pakistani artistes working in India which resulted in Pakistani actors abandoning ongoing projects and leaving the country, Salman Khan has come out in support of Pakistani artistes.

In a statement, Salman is reported to have said that Pakistani artistes arrived and were working in India having the appropriate documents to allow them to work in India and were not terrorists. He said that while he supports actions the Indian army took against terrorists, Pakistani artistes are not terrorists.

“In this day and age if we live in peace it is better for everyone especially the common man,” Salman said in response to a question.

Khan also spoke about maintaining peaceful relations between the two countries and that the president of MNS should allow the release of ‘Raees’ starring Mahira Khan and ‘Ae dil hai mushkil’, starring Fawad Khan, peacefully.

Khan issued this statement in light of Indian Motion Pictures Association’s (IMPA) resolution to bar all Pakistani actors, artistes and technicians from working in Bollywood. The resolution was announced hours after the Indian army attacked Pakistani soldiers across the Line of Control (LoC) in Kashmir, claiming that they had conducted “surgical strikes” in Pakistan.

A few days ago, Director Karan Johar too had come out in support of Pakistani actors saying that banning Pakistani actors was not a solution to anything; in response to which extremists staged a sit in outside his residence.