A large numbers of nullahs, big and small, flow through Islamabad. These natural streams have been there for centuries carrying down the rain water from Margallah Hills to the rivers. Over a period of time, the bed level of these nullahs has drastically reduced due to rampant dumping of garbage and debris. As a result, even during a medium level rainfall these nullahs start overflowing, inundating the nearby localities.

According to one estimate, about a quarter of Islamabad’s garbage and debris (from the construction material) ends up in these nullahs. Residents of nearby localities find it easier and quicker to dispose off any unwanted material into these streams. I know CDA’s laws prohibit such actions but there has not been any implementation.

Not only that, even the width of these nullahs has been reduced at many places, and people are misusing the extra land provided to them. Another unauthorised activity which is taking place is that, many houses are also dumping their sewerage into the nullahs.

I request the concerned authorities in CDA to seriously look into this issue. Strict implementation of CDA laws is required. There is a dire need to have these nullahs dredged. The garbage and debris should be removed, and the nullahs should be brought back to their original depths.


Islamabad, September 14.