Once again an Indian government with no concern for consequences has escalated the ongoing conflict with Pakistan – this time without direct provocation, using deadly force and in direct violation of several international and bilateral treaties.

India claims it launched a “surgical strike” inside Pakistani territory against alleged militant launch pads, killing dozens. The Pakistani army claims that no such incursion took place, instead India initiated shelling and small arms fire across the Line of Control (LOC) which killed two Pakistani soldiers.

A battle is being waged in the media over the exact meaning of the term “surgical strike” – seemingly to determine the exact nature and depth of the Indian attack – but whatever the result of that debate, one fact is clear: India used its regular military in an unprovoked attack on Pakistani territory. This is no disputed border skirmish where each side blames the other; this is a calculated attack – the Indian DGMO and Defence Ministry boasts about it.

Also clear is the fact that this attack was carried out for one purpose only, to quench a bloodthirsty constituency that had been baying for war. It was noted that a “surgical airstrike” was the most mooted idea for war on the Indian airwaves, and unsurprisingly the Indian government ran with that word, using it several times in its official releases to drive the point home.

The result is clear too; the news has sent the nationalist Indian media into rapturous delirium, while stock markets in Pakistan and India have taken a nosedive. A border skirmish has been turned into a war declaration by India, to the horror of the moderate population on both sides. Additionally, the Indian attack was successfully defended by Pakistani forces and our defence was impregnable. By all reports its seems that this Indian LoC violation was clumsy, inefficient, and to cover their tracks and failure, it was termed a “surgical strike”.

The Prime Minister has called an emergency Cabinet meeting to discuss the deteriorating situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir, the UNGA session and the recent unprovoked aggression by the Indian military. The government must respond in a calculated manner after consultations with the military and regional allies.

In the face of this self-destructive lunacy Pakistan has exercised restraint. The Pakistani government and military had done an excellent job so far of not getting sucked into this escalating spiral but for how long? While the death toll till now had been of innocent protestors and the Indian forces that had been repressing them, now Pakistani soldiers have lost their lives to Indian border violations. India is the first aggressor, and that too by its own admittance. Maybe now the UN Security Council will wake up from its slumber – or maybe it needs to see more death to take action.