rawalpindi - Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) in collaboration with National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Islamabad organised a lecture on “Say no to corruption and Role of Women” here yesterday.

The theme of the lecture was the role of future mother/wives and young women in ending corruption. Director General NAB Aliya Rashid was the chief guest and resource person of the lecture.

Vice Chancellor FJWU Professor Dr. Samina Amin Qadir said that the role of women particularly the young women in the fight against corruption must be the focus of this era and in this regards sincere efforts in inculcating basic moral values against corruption will go a long way in strengthening and bringing a change in the mindset of tomorrow’s young women. She also appreciated the efforts of Aliya Rashid to spread the message against corruption in the country and assured her to convey this message to the students of Fatima Jinnah Women University at every platform. 

While addressing the large number of students, faculty members and administrative staff, Aliya Rashid talked about the various forms of corruption and how they are damaging our society and reminded the Quaid-e-Azam words that corruption is a poison and we must put it down with iron hand. She also highlighted the initiatives taken by NAB to create awareness among the general public through seminars, talks, books and advertisements.  She said that corruption is an evil which is prohibited by all religions.

Aliya Rashid also emphasised that women power against corruption can change the destiny of our country. Women who are housewives and mothers can play imperative role to prevent their family members from indulging in corruption and decrease the financial social pressures on their spouses. There is a tendency for family members to unintentionally create pressures for the family bread winners through their demands for items that become part of developing a luxurious life style.

She further elaborated the nation belongs to its youth. Young women are the most important agents of change in the fight against corruption. Women have the power to change the social, political and economical dynamics that underlie a resigned acceptance of bribery and other forms of corruption. To live in a society, that is corruption-free, we need women with quality of mind and thoughts. She said that duty of every young woman is to prevent their family from corruption. She also said that mothers have a major impact in bringing up children and their attitude and development, “Say No to Corruption” is intended to target young ladies in universities and colleges who are going to be future mothers of our children. She also urged women and youth to join the anti-corruption campaign as they can play imperative role in eradication of corruption from our society. The youth being agents of change have to consistently spread this message “Say No to Corruption” so that our upcoming generations can understand about the ill effects of corruption which will help them in building a corruption-free Pakistan.  If Pakistan would see the change its citizens have been yearning for, youth must start the crusade against corruption from their homes.

DG NAB also highlighted the steps taken by National Accountability Bureau to curb corruption. The participants were apprised about various steps taken by Awareness and Prevention Division of the NAB to raise awareness among general public about corruption and corruption practices. She said that the slogan “Say No to Corruption” has been printed on postage stamp, utility bills, CNIC carrier papers, driving licenses, ATM Machines, Railway Tickets, Postal envelope, Airport Screens and newspapers of Balochistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. A story book “Gogi Says No to Corruption and colouring book for primary level have also been printed for children. The message “Say NO to Corruption” has also been displayed in various cinema halls. At the end, students joined her in singing the NAB song on anti corruption titled ‘Say NO to Corruption’ as a pledge to help build a corruption-free Pakistan. Later, Vice Chancellor FJWU presented university souvinor to DG NAB Alia Rasheed.